What’s The Wisdom of Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom teeth, sometimes called “third molars,” usually begin to come in between the ages of 17-25 when a person is supposedly more wise. As a Sugar Land dental practice for children, we are often asked: why can’t I keep my wisdom teeth? The reasons may surprise you.

Removing the

Unless you are a part of the 13% of people who have their wisdom teeth come in without any issues, your pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas may recommend you have them removed. Most people experience problems with their wisdom teeth that may include:

  1. Impaction: This happens when a wisdom tooth is positioned against another tooth and would not be able to break through the gums in its correct position.
  2. Alignment: If a wisdom tooth is impacted and still manages to press through the gums it can cause crowding of the existing teeth.
  3. Cavities: When a tooth has only partially broken through the gums, it invites more bacteria that can cause cavities.
  4. Infection & Inflammation: The area surrounding the wisdom teeth can become inflamed and difficult to clean. This can lead to infection and cavities.
  5. Sinus Issues: Since the sinus cavities are so close to the gum line, any swollen, infected, or sore gums can also cause damage to the sinus cavity.
  6. Jaw Damage: If wisdom teeth do not come in properly and are not removed, cysts can form around them and cause damage to the jaw.

To Remove or Not: Which Makes You more Wise?

In the debate about wisdom teeth, our pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas almost always recommends wisdom teeth be removed at a young age. As a person gets older, the bone around these teeth begins to harden and puts a patient at more risk when wisdom teeth are removed. Some dentists even recommend having them removed before they are 100% formed to avoid this issue.
The purpose of wisdom teeth and their origin is highly debated, however, the need for their removal is not. If your wisdom teeth are causing pain for either yourself or your child, it is time to call your Sugar Land dental practice for children to discuss your options in having them removed. Dr. Nasha Hunter at Sweetpea Smiles will happily discuss the procedure with you and ensure both you and your child are comfortable. Call us today!