The Scary Parts Of Halloween

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Is it too soon to be discussing Halloween around here? It might be, but we’ve been spotting signs of Halloween since before Labor Day, first day of school, and the famous eclipse! What’s up with Halloween making its debut so early every year? And then there’s all that scariness that surrounds it! What scares you about Halloween?

At Sweetpea Smiles, we’re super excited about the health of your sweetpeas’s smiles! Therefore, Halloween does frighten us a bit when we think about some of the harmful dental habits that could be associated with Halloween.

Here are the scariest parts of Halloween for you to avoid (dentally speaking)

  • Gummy or sticky candies are just so very scary. They seem to stick around longer than all the others, hiding in the dark corners. This is bad news for your teeth because they use that extra time for cavity-causing bacteria to work.
  • Sour gummy or sticky candies can even be scarier because they can trick you into thinking they are not a treat filled with sugar. Don’t be tricked though, they are sticky AND coated in sugar. These sour candies are usually very acidic as well. The acids will weaken and damage your hard outer shell on your teeth and open them up to more cavities too!
  • Watch out for hard candies too. They can break your little one’s teeth. If your child’s not biting it, they’re probably letting it sit in their mouth for long periods of time. This allows the sugar time to lurk around in their saliva and cover over all of their teeth.

Dr. Hunter, DDS would like to remind all of her little patients to choose safe candies this Halloween. A good option is dark chocolate. It has less sugar and actually has several other health benefits. Call and book your sweetpea’s appointment with us today. We guarantee we will do everything to make it a peaceful (and not scary) appointment for your little one.

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