Your Teen Wants White Teeth Too!

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Hunter

If you’re reading this blog and you have a teen, congratulations! You’ve made it this far, and you’re now entering the phase of parenting that is a like a fun, windy roller coaster. Teens are a blast! The things they say are amusing, and sometimes the bits of you come out in their personalities, can be a bit scary and rewarding all at the same time.

When your children are younger they are usually oblivious to what they’re wearing or how they look. Do you remember dropping your little princess off at preschool explaining, “She dresses herself and does her own hair.”? Their concept of style usually relates to comfort, ease of robing and disrobing, and the favorite super hero or princess adorned by it.

However, teens are different. Teens begin to care about appearance. They’re usually getting Instagram accounts and suddenly they figure out that they want to look good for their selfies and posts. Those selfies sure are close to their faces, aren’t they? You’d be surprised how much time teens spend zooming in on every little detail of their faces.

Your teen’s teeth might be looking dull or stained due to diet or other habits. It’s also common for teens to want whitening performed after they get their braces removed.

If your teen desires whiter teeth, please steer them away from store bought or home remedies. At Sweetpea Smiles we will look at the cause of your teen’s discoloration and use a safe and effective whitening procedure for your child’s mouth. Book your teen’s appointment with us today, and we’ll see if whitening is right for them!

Posted on behalf of Sweetpea Smiles

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