Does Your Sweetpea Practice Daily Dental Gratitude?


Happy Thanksgiving from our entire staff at Sweetpea Smiles. We are grateful for all of our little patients and their families. Did you know that practicing gratefulness could produce positive effects on people? There is a significant link between thankful people and happy and healthy people. Could this link between gratefulness and happiness and health apply to our kids as well? We think it can. Kids can benefit from practicing gratefulness as well.

Ways to incorporate dental gratefulness into your kiddos life.

  • Use a mirror and notice the good things about their teeth. Take note of the size and shape of each tooth, and how they’re designed to do a specific job to chew and aid in digestion.
  • Take a look at each other. Now smile! Compliment each member of your family on a special or unique aspect of each smile.
  • Take inventory on the dental tools in your house such as floss and toothbrushes. Each person can describe what he or she likes about each tool.
  • Keep a daily dental gratefulness journal. Write down positive dental experiences and note the dates. Journaling about fun ways the kiddos lose their teeth would be fun. Also keep track of the tooth fairy’s unique gifts left for each tooth.
  • Book your child’s regular checkup and cleaning, so your child can add having a dental office designed specifically for each childs’ special need to their list of things they’re grateful for.

Posted on behalf of Sweetpea Smiles

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