Sweetpea Smiles, a Sugar Land dental practice for children, is giving smokers another reason to kick the habit for good.

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In our digital world, there is an app for literally everything–including brushing! Make oral hygiene fun for your family by using one of these apps recommended by pediatric dentists in Sugar Land, Texas.

Disney’s Magic Timer

Disney’s timer adds magic to building healthy habits by allowing kids to collect digital stickers of their favorite characters for each successful two minutes of brushing. The app is available on Android or Iphone, and requires a Crest or Oral-B Pro Health Stages Jr. Product to be scanned before use. 98% of kids find themselves brushing longer while unlocking the magic of Disney.

Phillips Sonicare app ( we recommend and sell the sonicare toothbrush and the sonicare app is compatible with it)

A fun way to motivate your kids to brush.


Keep brushing time fun by rocking out to your favorite tunes! This app plays 2 minutes of music shuffled from your ipod, ipad or phone and turns brushing into a dance party. Sugar Land pediatric dentists say the best part about the app is that it also allows you to set important oral health care reminders like when to replace your toothbrush, when to floss, and when to see the dentist for your checkups.

Aquafresh Brush Time

Complete with music, a timer, and videos on proper brushing techniques, pediatric dentists in Sugar Land, Texas love this app for its rewards section. Each time your child brushes for two minutes, they will be given stars to collect toward the ‘purchase’ of cool gear to dress up their personalized Nurdle character.


Allow your child to be a hero and break the tooth rotting spell of the evil witch! Brushing for two minutes breaks the spell and frees the kingdom from the damaging effects of the tooth decay spell. Join Pirate, Dragon, and Little Red Riding Hood as they defeat the witch, break the spell, and create proper oral hygiene habits for all. Hoorah!

Chomper Chums

Animated characters including a lion, horse, and alligator interact with your child in this animated app. Each time the child brushes for two minutes, their character will dance, sing, and give them the chance to collect coins to purchase food items to care for their animals. Pediatric dentists in Sugar Land, TX love this app for the way it teaches children about the proper way to brush. Your child will chase sugar bugs around each section of their animal’s mouth, teaching them to reach all surfaces of their teeth.

Sugar Land pediatric dentists love these apps for their ability to teach children about proper oral hygiene. For more information, call our office today!