Sugar Land Pediatric Dentists Share Best Tooth Saving Halloween Tips

sugar land pediatric dentists

Halloween is right around the corner and while it’s a fun day to dress up and have fun, it can take a toll on your teeth. Your pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas has compiled a list of tips not only to have fun trick-or-treating, but also to protect your teeth.

Always Choose Chocolate

Chocoholics will be glad to hear that chocolate is not only a yummy treat, but is also one of the best choices for your teeth. Chocolate candies are less likely to cause cavities as they melt fast & wash off easily.

Sticky and chewy candies are the opposite. Not only do they take longer to eat, they remain on the surfaces of your teeth for longer periods of time exposing the teeth to more bacteria and inviting more opportunity for cavities to form.

When faced with the choice between the Hershey bar and the Sugar Daddy, think of your shining smile and choose the Hershey bar.

Brush Your Sweet Tooth Away

Studies have shown that waiting to brush after consuming certain foods or beverages is recommended, however, after eating candy or other sweets this new rule does not apply. If you eat something sticky, it is important to brush as soon as possible. If you don’t have a toothbrush handy, rinsing the mouth with water will also help remove some of the leftover treat from your teeth surfaces, and therefore prevent cavities.

Trick-or-Treating for Cash?

Some businesses and Sugar Land pediatric dentists allow you to sell your candy to them for cash or gift cards. Each business will have its own rules of sale, so be sure to check out the deal before running to cash in your candy. Businesses usually donate the candy received to military troops serving overseas. Donating some of your stash will not only help you earn cash or other fun prizes, but also will keep you from binging on too many sweets.

Whether or not you donate your treats, choose the chocolate ones or remember to brush immediately after sticky candy. Your pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas reminds you to be safe and to have fun while trick-or-treating and at other Halloween related events.