Sugar Land Pediatric Dentists Help Autistic Children Have Good Experiences in the Dentist Chair

sugar land pediatric dentists

No matter where your child is on the autism spectrum, pediatric dentists in Sugar Land, Texas have been trained to ensure he or she has a positive experience in the dental chair. While caring for children with any disability presents a unique set of challenges for both dental providers and parents, in our dental office we focus on the specific needs of each child and provide the best possible oral health care based on those needs. Your Sugar Land pediatric dentists have compiled a list of tips to help your oral health care routine with an autistic child.

Follow Your Schedule

Most autistic children prefer the security that comes with a routine. Whether your child needs help brushing and flossing or can do the jobs independently, keeping the oral hygiene routine at the same time every day will help your child look forward to keeping their teeth clean.

Plan an Office Tour

Bring your child to the office before his or her appointment to meet the staff and become familiar with the office surroundings. An office tour will help the child be more comfortable with both the people and the office environment when it is time for the actual appointment.

Ask for Cavity Protection

Sealants help protect the surfaces of the molars from excess plaque, bacteria buildup, and decay. While some children may be sensitive to staying in the dental chair long enough for the procedure, Sugar Land pediatric dentists do offer sedation for excessively long procedures to help keep your child calm and positive about the experience.

Pediatric Dentists in Sugar Land, Texas Use the Following Strategies:

  • Communicate with the child at their level and use a ‘tell, show, do’ approach during treatment
  • Begin exam slowly using only fingers at first until child is more comfortable
  • Reducing sensory input that can distract the child including keeping light from the child’s eyes, keeping dental instruments out of sight and reducing smells and sounds
  • Keeping staff in the room to a minimum
  • Providing positive verbal reinforcements for good behavior
  • Using same staff at each appointment
  • Providing sedation or a general anesthetic when needed

When parents and Sugar Land pediatric dentists work together and follow these guidelines, they can ensure that the needs of the autistic child are met and that they are comfortable while in the dentist’s chair.

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