Sugar Land Pediatric Dentists Find Stress Can Diminish Oral Health

sugar land pediatric dentists

Sugar Land, Texas–While most people know that stress can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, and even lack of sleep and irritability, what many people don’t realize is the effects stress can have on their oral health. Sugar Land pediatric dentists recently compiled information from the latest studies and found that stress exhibits itself in the form of a variety of dental issues.

“Oral health and stress go hand-in-hand,” says Dr. Nasha Hunter, a pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas. “When a person is in highly stressful situations, they tend to neglect their usual oral health routines of brushing & flossing and stray from a healthy diet. Often during stressful times, people turn to foods with high sugar content that promote tooth decay. Typically, this leads to a viscous stress and dental problem cycle.”

According to recent research, scientists have found that stress manifests itself in more than toothaches. Stress can also bruxism (grinding your teeth), canker sores, dry mouth, burning mouth sensations, TMJ, gum disease and Lichen Planus (reaction to a viral infection caused by stress that manifests itself through white lines, sores, and ulcers in the mouth.)

While stress may cause many painful dental problems, these problems, in turn, increase the levels of anxiety and stress. The body’s tolerance for pain is lessened as it is burdened by stress, making dental problems all the more painful.

“If you are feeling stressed on any level, it is more important than ever to exercise proper oral hygiene,” says Hunter, “While many people may not see the immediate benefits, these habits will help reduce stress and are not addictive like other stress relieving mediums.” Hunter encourages all patients to de-stress by getting proper amounts of exercise and rest and eating a balanced diet, and of course, staying current with their regular cleanings and exams.
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