Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

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Many of your child’s firsts come about at unexpected and unplanned times. The first time they said “mama” or “dada” made you do a double take and jump for joy! Their first steps were highly anticipated and your finger was ready in an instant for the moment they decided to stand up and take a few steps. These momentous events surprised you, but there is one first that you can plan for. You can plan for their first dental visit. This is a fun memory and one you want to make as positive as possible. Here are some tips for preparing you and your little sweetpea for their first dental visit.

During this visit with your little one you can expect to discuss how to care for your infant’s or toddler’s mouth, proper use of fluoride, oral habits such as finger and thumb sucking, teething and milestones of development and the important link between their diet and oral health. The dentist will also evaluate the level of risks and needs for your child, and offer a plan for future visits and follow-up.

You can begin preparing your child for their first visit before they enter the office. There are many children’s picture books that discuss dentists and their offices. Take your little one to their older sibling’s appointments to watch and learn proper behavior, and to begin to build a relationship with the dentist and hygienists. Usually, at the first appointment, there is paperwork that needs to fill out. When you call to make that initial appointment, find out if you can fill out the information on-line, or through the mail beforehand, so you can focus on the needs of your child while at the dentist.

When considering the right dentist for your little one, be sure to choose a pediatric dentist that specializes in catering to all of your child’s needs. Sweetpea Smiles has all things geared right to your little one. Come see the difference we make for you and your child.

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