Pediatric Dentists in Sugar Land, Texas Answers Top Questions About Brushing a Child’s Teeth

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Educating both patients and parents about their top dental concerns is what makes Dr. Hunter the best pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Hunter is often asked what are the best practices for brushing children’s teeth. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions she is most frequently asked along with their answers:

How Old Should a Child Start Brushing?

Developing oral health habits is an important part of childhood. We recommend parents begin caring for their children’s gums at an early age— even before they have their first tooth. Wiping the gums with a soft washcloth or toothbrush removes plaque, gets them in the habit of brushing teeth, and prevents early childhood tooth decay. When it comes to dental hygiene, it is never too early to begin.

Is There a ‘Right’ Way to Brush My Child’s Teeth?

Dr. Hunter recommends her patients brush in a circular motion and so that all of the tooth’s surfaces are brushed, and any food particles are dislodged. Thoroughly brushing teeth reduce bacteria and plaque levels. Parents can make brushing fun by using a soft bristled toothbrush that is the appropriate size for the child’s mouth and features a favorite character, song, or color.

Toothpaste: With or Without Fluoride?

While other pediatric dentists in Sugar Land, Texas may disagree, Dr. Hunter recommends following the newest ADA guidelines for fluoridated toothpaste: just a small smear for children three years old and younger and a pea-sized amount for ages 3-8.

What is a Good Age for Independent Brushing?

While there is no set age range when a child will do a good job brushing his teeth, a good test is if the child can hold the brush well on his or her own and has the motion of brushing down right. With a little supervision, children can learn to do a good job on their own. Some of the best pediatric dentists recommend waiting until your children can tie their shoes before allowing them to brush their teeth independently.

What if My Child Refuses to Brush?

Some children refuse the toothbrush, but parents need to find ways to encourage the habit of proper oral care. Whether you develop a rewards system, turn brushing into a party, or simply call your pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, Texas for advice on easy brushing techniques, it is important to teach children about the value of a healthy mouth.

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