Orthodontics for Kids in Sugar Land

couple of childrenPediatric dentist Dr. Nasha Hunter and her associates believe that children deserve healthy and attractive smiles they can feel good about. A beautiful smile can give them the confidence they need to make new friends or try out for the school play.

With all the changes going on inside your child’s mouth, it’s not surprising that sometimes teeth may not erupt properly – they may become crowded, or grow in crooked or with wide gaps. We provide preventive, interceptive orthodontic treatments for children and teens, including space maintainers, crossbite correction and arch expansion. These treatments often minimize or even eliminate the need for more costly orthodontic procedures in the future. Every member of our staff has a gentle manner to ensure your child receives a beautiful, straight smile he or she will be proud to show off!

If you’re worried about the cost of orthodontics for your child, our practice offers a number of flexible financial options to help you give your child a healthy, happy smile.

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