National Children’s Dental Health Month Presents: Sugar Wars

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In conjunction with National Children’s Dental Health month, our Sugar Land dental practice for children is helping patients fight in the Sugar Wars. Join the Smiley’s and the McGrins as they fly around in the US SweetSwatter fighting sweet tooth invaders with their very own toothbrushes!

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Not Far Away…

Children’s Dental Health Month started as a one day event in Cleveland, Ohio in 1941. The American Dental Health Association got word of the event in 1949, and made February 8 the first nationally observed children’s dental health day. By 1955 the event was extended to a one week event in February, and by 1981 the whole month was deemed as National Children’s Dental Health month. During this month dental professionals, parents, teachers and others help raise awareness of the importance of establishing a proper oral hygiene routine for children at a young age.

Sugar Wars Episode I

This year’s theme for the month is Sugar Wars and encourages the nation’s youth to not only brush and floss, but to choose healthy food options for a smile that is “out of this world.” To reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay, the American Dental Association recommends the following:

  • Don’t put your baby or toddler to bed with a bottle or a sippy cup. Prolonged exposure to milk, juice or formula cause the liquid to pool around the teeth forming more bacteria that eventually eats at the enamel of the teeth. Baby bottles are a frequent cause of early tooth decay.
  • Limit between meal snacks. If your child is asking for snacks, offer nutritional ones and always beware of sugar content.
  • Think Before You Drink. Before offering your kids juice and milk all day, consider the benefits of water to hydrate the body, and often provide the fluoride needed to keep teeth strong.
  • Develop an Oral Health Routine. This should include brushing and flossing, and be done twice a day for two minutes each time. Making oral health a priority will ensure your kids develop these habits at an early age.
  • Allow Your Pediatric Dentist in Sugar Land, Texas to Help Your Child FIght the Sugar Wars. By scheduling your six month check ups, your dentist will be able to spot any problems areas, and treat your child’s teeth with fluoride for extra protection.

Our Sugar Land dental practice for kids is excited to participate in Sugar Wars and in teaching your kids to swat away the sweets with proper oral hygiene habits. To learn more about how you can fight the sugar wars, schedule an appointment with our office today!