June 15 Is “Smile Power Day” – Let’s Celebrate!

Sugar Land TX Pediatric Dentist

As dental professionals, we love any day that celebrates smiles. At Sweetpea Smiles, smiling is even in our name! Did you know that smiling could add years to your life? It can make you and those around you a happier person. Smiles enhance friendships. In business relationships, smiling is a great customer service tool. Smiles are powerful. A healthy smile is a gift you can give to your baby.

Here are some tips for giving your baby the gift of a powerful smile.

  • Be very gentle with your baby’s gums. You can begin by just rubbing their gums gently. When teeth begin to poke through you may use a very soft-bristled baby toothbrush to massage and stroke them.
  • Avoid using fluoride toothpaste with your infant. Your baby cannot spit out the toothpaste used, so avoid using toothpaste with fluoride in it until they can spit it out. Just use water.
  • When your baby graduates into a “big kid” status, and can spit, you’ll need to find toothpaste that your sweetpea enjoys. It’s probably best to avoid the minty flavored toothpastes because it could be too strong for them to handle. Did you know children typically have more taste buds than adults, and can be more sensitive to certain tastes?

Be sure to book your baby’s first appointment before the first birthday. At Sweetpea Smiles, we can help ensure you’re caring for your baby’s teeth in a way that promotes a power smile for years to come!

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