Five Reasons for Your Child to Have Dental X-rays

Sugar Land TX Digital X-Rays for Children

At Sweetpea Smiles, we know that you want the best for your family. From choosing healthy snacks to limiting screen time, it’s no wonder why you put just as much energy into finding the best pediatric dentist in Sugar Land. If you’ve decided to see us for your child’s next visit, you may be curious as to why we use x-rays as part of your child’s comprehensive care.

Our Pediatric Dentist Can Check on Tooth Development
As your child grows, it’s important to make sure that their oral anatomy is developing on target with the rest of the body. An x-ray can let us know if we need to provide early intervention to avoid surgery later on.

Screen for Cavities Before They’re Visible
One of the most common spots to get cavities is between the teeth or deep in the pits of the chewing surfaces. You can only see them on x-rays.

Perform Orthodontic Evaluations
Panoramic x-rays provide us with a view of your child’s complete arch. We can see where teeth are growing and their position.

Provide The Right Type of Restoration
Without an x-ray, there’s no way of knowing how deep that cavity goes. It may look like your child only needs a cavity, but it could be an infected nerve that requires pulp therapy and a crown.

Find Problems We Don’t Know About
Problems like missing teeth, cysts, and even tumors can be spotted on your child’s dental x-rays long before they develop any other types of symptoms.

Our digital x-rays are extremely safe! We’ll only recommend appropriate images as necessary, based on your child’s age and oral health. Learn more by visiting our pediatric dentist in Sugar Land. Call Sweetpea Smiles today.

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