Fighting Foul Breath: Sugar Land Pediatric Dentist Share Surprising Issues That May be the Cause

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Some Sugar Land pediatric dentists will tell you that fighting foul breath comes down to a proper oral hygiene routine that includes brushing, flossing, avoiding smelly foods, and getting your teeth cleaned regularly. However, our Sugar Land dental practice for children says it may not always be that simple. When your child is dealing with foul breath, it may not be a matter of not brushing and flossing.

Surprising Causes of Bad Breath in Children

  • Sinus Infection. When your child’s sinuses are blocked, fluids are pooled in the nasal passages and throat and become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria may cause bad breath and is a prime example of bad breath that cannot be cured with brushing and flossing alone. If your child is experiencing a stuffy nose and sore throat accompanied by bad breath, call your pediatrician for a visit.
  • Blocked Nasal Passages. If your kids have a habit of sticking foreign objects in their mouths or noses, there is a good chance something may be lodged in the nasal passages. This can give way to a foul smell, and is cause to take the child for a checkup to have the object removed.
  • Tonsillitis. Do you know what a healthy set of tonsils looks like? Shine a flashlight in your child’s mouth and take a peek: if the tonsils are pink and spot free, they are fine. However, if they appear red and inflammed, have white spots, and smell funny, your child may be suffering from tonsillitis. The inflammation allows bacteria to collect and can produce bad breath when combined with the smell of infection. Call your child’s pediatrician for guidance and a checkup.
  • Dehydration. Most kids get busy playing and forget to drink the proper amounts of fluid. Dehydration is a major cause of bad breath in children who play sports. Our Sugar Land dental practice for children recommends setting a timer while your kids are playing and having them take a water break every time it goes off.
  • Cavities & Gum Disease. Sugar Land pediatric dentists agree that brushing can’t heal a cavity! Infections in the mouth, no matter how minor can lead to bad breath. Our Sugar Land dental practice for children recommends scheduling and keeping all regular cleanings and exams to ensure your child has a healthy smile.

Sugar Land pediatric dentists know that fighting bad breath in children is not always about oral hygiene habits. For more help, contact our office to schedule a consultation with your child today!