FDA Changes Label Requirements for Products Containing Added Sugar

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Sugar Land Dentists for Kids Applaud the Decision

Sugar Land, TX- The FDA recently approved and implemented changes that requires food manufacturers highlight added sugars on their labels. The American Dental Association (ADA) has been pulling for these changes to be made since 2014, and applauds the decision of the FDA to finally implement these changes.

“We applaud the FDA for giving consumers another tool to make informed decisions about the food they eat,” said Dr. Carol Gomez Summerhays, American Dental Association President. “For years, we’ve encouraged consumers to monitor—and minimize—their added sugar intake. Now they can do so simply by reading a nutrition label.”

While it is a well known fact that a diet consisting of excessive amounts of sugar can cause damage to teeth, research on the connection between sugar intake and cavities over the long term is limited. The ADA has lobbied congress repeatedly for research funds for the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, citing the need to understand the effects added sugars and artificial sweeteners have on overall oral health.

“We need more data about the extent to which dental caries rates fluctuate with changes in total added sugar consumption, and over what periods of time,” Dr. Summerhays said.

“The recent actions of the FDA regarding food labeling policies will go a long way for kids dental health,” said Dr. Nasha Hunter, a pediatric dentist at Sweetpea Smiles. “By highlighting the amounts of added sugar in foods on the label, parents will hopefully pay more attention to the amounts of added sugar both they and their children consume on a daily basis.”

Sweetpea Smiles, along with other Sugar Land dentists for kids applauds the FDA’s decision and hopes that with these label changes, parents will be more aware of their children’s sugar intake.
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