Even a Sugar Land Pediatric Dentist Has Super Powers

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Every Sugar Land pediatric dentist has a super power to help kids with their oral health. This power helps prevent cavities and other forms of tooth decay, and offers pain free protection for months at a time. What power does our Sugar Land dentist for kids have? Fluoride.

Move Over Batman…

There’s a new superhero in town! Super Fluoride fights acid producing bacteria that lead to cavities and other forms of tooth decay and even repairs teeth in the early stages of disease. Super fluoride beats these  tooth enemies up to 80% of the time, which is why most major toothpaste brands include this super power as an active ingredient.

Super Sidekicks…

Just like Batman has Robin to help him fight his battles and keep the city safe, Super Fluoride has water. If your child is too young to know how to spit out fluoridated toothpaste after brushing, have no fear. Water is often treated with fluoride, and can ensure your child is getting enough to fight the battles of gingivitis in their mouth, without the risk of overexposure.

Saving Your Child’s Smile… One Tooth at a Time

Our Sugar Land pediatric dentist knows the importance of keeping your child’s mouth protected from the evils of tooth decay. That is why we recommend fluoride treatments for our younger patients. The treatments are pain free and only take a matter of minutes. We apply a very small amount of fluoride solution to your child’s teeth which may make your child’s teeth appear yellow for a day or two. This yellow look will go away as they brush.

The fluoride treatment is then able to fight the tooth decay causing bacteria for up to six months at a time. If your child doesn’t already think they are a superhero, they will after having fluoride treatments! Call our office to schedule your child’s appointment, and don’t forget to ask them about the powers of super fluoride.