Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Each year, countless dental-related injuries occur during sports or recreational activities. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these injuries involve children. Is your child’s smile protected on the playing field? As part our dental care services at Sweetpea Smiles, we proudly offer custom athletic mouthguards for active kids. This simple investment can help protect your young athlete from chipped, broken and dislodged teeth during contact sports. Mouthguards have also been proven to help prevent jaw injuries, lip or cheek laceration and even concussions!

The Benefits of a Mouthguard From Your Dentist

There are many types of mouthguards to choose from, including those you can buy from your local sporting goods store or drug store. These are often “boil and bite” models, which offer limited protection and comfort compared to a custom fabricated mouthguard from your dentist. At Sweetpea Smiles, we offer athletic mouthguards made of high-quality materials so that you get the most out of your investment. A custom fit mouthguard will fit securely over each groove of your child’s unique smile. This ensures all teeth are protected and that the appliance stays securely in place.

Mouthguards are no use if your child is constantly spitting it out or playing with it during sports. A custom mouthguard is designed to fit so that your child can breathe and speak comfortably while it is in, giving them the maximum protection they need to avoid devastating mouth injuries on the court or field.

Getting your custom mouthguard is a simple process at Sweetpea Smiles. All we need is a quick impression of your bite to fabricate this essential piece of sports equipment. Rest assured that our mouthguards are made from materials that are safe, smooth and highly durable for extended use.

Ready to protect your child’s smile during sports? Contact Sweetpea Smiles today. We can fit athletic mouthguards for your kindergartner or your high school senior!