Book Recommendations from your Sugar Land Pediatric Dentist

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When it comes to helping your child overcome their anxiety about going to the dentist, the best way to do this is by actually getting them to the dentist. Our Sugar Land dentists for kids have found that children do better with their treatments when they know what to expect. While we do offer office tours and ‘happy visits’ for new patients, we know that these visits are not always possible. Since the month of March celebrates National Read Across America Day-sometimes known as ‘Dr. Seuss Day,’ our Sugar Land Pediatric dentist has compiled a list of our favorite books to read to your child about the dentist to help them understand what may happen during their dental visit.

  • The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist. Watch as Brother and Sister Bear visit the dentist to have a cavity filled and baby tooth pulled, and overcome their anxiety about their dental procedures together. Helps young children overcome their own dental fear, and can be discussed while in the dental chair.
  • The Crocodile & the Dentist.  Who is more afraid of this visit?  The dentist or the crocodile? In this silly book, dental anxiety is conquered by both doctor and patient, and regular dental care is encouraged.
  • Show Me Your Smile!: A Visit to the Dentist. Dora the Explorer is doing what she does best…exploring! This adventure takes place in her local dental office as Dora uncovers the mystery behind dental cleanings. Join Dora on her journey through getting her teeth cleaned and help her find the treasure at the end of the story!
  • What to Expect When You go to the Dentist. Heidi Murkoff’s series of books guides parents and children through their first experiences together. In this book, Murkoff helps children see that the term ‘open up wide’ is not scary at all.
  • Just Going to the Dentist. Told through the honest eyes of Little Critter, this book takes the reader through a complete check up-including x-rays and a filling. Little Critter puts on his brave face and goes through the procedure with his humor still intact.
  • Look! My Tooth is Loose! When that first baby tooth becomes wiggly, it causes a lot of questions including why we have baby teeth in the first place. This book introduces children to the world of teeth  and answers many of their questions about why we have teeth.
  • The Tooth Book. Our list wouldn’t be complete without a book from the lovable Dr. Seuss! Find out who has teeth (and who doesn’t) and what they use them for in this exciting adventure. Then follow the advice about the dentist at the end!

Need more recommendations for dental storytime? Ask your Sugar Land pediatric dentist for help!