Dr. Nasha Hunter Featured on “Houston Life” TV Show

What a proud and exciting moment for Sweetpea Smiles! Our very own Dr. Nasha Hunter, a certified pediatric dentist, recently appeared on the TV show, “Houston Life” to talk about children’s dental health. There were many takeaways from the episode, especially the importance of caring for your young child’s teeth and making regular visits to a Pediatric Dentist.

Dr. Hunter discussed the importance of seeing a dentist by your child’s first birthday and brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they erupt. By doing this she said, you will be setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. She further stressed the importance of an appropriately sized toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste, mentioning that electric toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Genius and the Philips Sonicare for kids are great options.

Dr. Hunter explained that pediatric dentists have specialized training beyond dental school, giving them the ability to effectively manage your child’s dental health. SweetPea Smiles, the clinic where Dr. Hunter works, was described as a unique environment that kids actually enjoy visiting because of it’s welcoming and fun design.  Sweetpea Smiles is nothing like a traditional dental office, as it was created specifically to be kid-friendly with fun paintings, a lively waiting room, interactive toys and fun activities. Most importantly, Sweetpea Smiles boasts a well-trained, professional staff that will provide the utmost in pediatric care while helping young patients enjoy their visit.

It was a proud and memorable experience for everyone at Sweetpea Smiles, as Dr. Hunter’s appearance on TV offered a variety of useful advice and recommendations for your child’s dental health.  

Watch Sweetpea Smiles Houston Life segment below:

Your Baby’s Baby Teeth

Sugar Land TX Children's Dentist near meYour baby’s baby teeth are important. The idea that they are temporary and therefore not as important is simply not true. Value those little baby teeth. Care for them and get your sweetpea set for a positive and healthy dental future.

Your baby’s baby teeth serve many purposes. They assist your child in chewing healthy foods to help him grow healthy and strong. Teeth help her speak so she can share what’s on her mind and how she’s feeling. They form the facial features that make your sweetpea squishy cute and kissable. Continue reading “Your Baby’s Baby Teeth”

Your Sweetpea’s Smile-A Gift For Years To Come!

Sugar Land TX Pediatric DentistDecember is a month of gift giving and gift receiving. As parents, it’s sometimes hard to think of the perfect gift to give each child. So often, gifts go out of style or become obsolete within months of receiving them. However, there is one gift you can give you child that will last a lifetime!

A smile never goes out of style. It never can be replaced by something better, and it can’t be thrown away. If your child is of the age when orthodontics is an option for alignment, consider giving them the gift of a brilliantly aligned smile! Continue reading “Your Sweetpea’s Smile-A Gift For Years To Come!”

Does Your Sweetpea Practice Daily Dental Gratitude?

Happy Thanksgiving from our entire staff at Sweetpea Smiles. We are grateful for all of our little patients and their families. Did you know that practicing gratefulness could produce positive effects on people? There is a significant link between thankful people and happy and healthy people. Could this link between gratefulness and happiness and health apply to our kids as well? We think it can. Kids can benefit from practicing gratefulness as well.

Ways to incorporate dental gratefulness into your kiddos life. Continue reading “Does Your Sweetpea Practice Daily Dental Gratitude?”

Treats For Your Littlest Sweets!

Sugar Land TX Children's Dental CareWe’re in full fall and Halloween mode around here! Decorations are placed, Mother Nature is turning her thermostat down, and treats are being prepared. Sweetpea Smiles loves holidays that embrace kids’ imaginations and fun! Happy Halloween and fall to all of our little sweetpeas!

Here are some great suggestions for teeth-friendly treats to feed your child, so they don’t miss out on the fun, but still keep it healthy! Continue reading “Treats For Your Littlest Sweets!”

The Scary Parts Of Halloween

Sugar Land TX Dentist for ChildrenIs it too soon to be discussing Halloween around here? It might be, but we’ve been spotting signs of Halloween since before Labor Day, first day of school, and the famous eclipse! What’s up with Halloween making its debut so early every year? And then there’s all that scariness that surrounds it! What scares you about Halloween?

At Sweetpea Smiles, we’re super excited about the health of your sweetpeas’s smiles! Therefore, Halloween does frighten us a bit when we think about some of the harmful dental habits that could be associated with Halloween. Continue reading “The Scary Parts Of Halloween”

Your Teen Wants White Teeth Too!

Children's Dentist Sugar Land TXIf you’re reading this blog and you have a teen, congratulations! You’ve made it this far, and you’re now entering the phase of parenting that is a like a fun, windy roller coaster. Teens are a blast! The things they say are amusing, and sometimes the bits of you come out in their personalities, can be a bit scary and rewarding all at the same time.

When your children are younger they are usually oblivious to what they’re wearing or how they look. Do you remember dropping your little princess off at preschool explaining, “She dresses herself and does her own hair.”? Their concept of style usually relates to comfort, ease of robing and disrobing, and the favorite super hero or princess adorned by it. Continue reading “Your Teen Wants White Teeth Too!”

June 15 Is “Smile Power Day” – Let’s Celebrate!

Sugar Land TX Pediatric DentistAs dental professionals, we love any day that celebrates smiles. At Sweetpea Smiles, smiling is even in our name! Did you know that smiling could add years to your life? It can make you and those around you a happier person. Smiles enhance friendships. In business relationships, smiling is a great customer service tool. Smiles are powerful. A healthy smile is a gift you can give to your baby.

Here are some tips for giving your baby the gift of a powerful smile. Continue reading “June 15 Is “Smile Power Day” – Let’s Celebrate!”

“But Mom”….The Excuses Kids Make

sugar land dental practice for childrenHappy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! You’ve earned an entire day dedicated to your pampering and love. We wish you lots of presents, massages, and hand-drawn pictures from your little ones. They will be your treasures forever. Our kids are sure treasures, but they can also sometimes wear us out with their discussions and logic. Crafting conversations with a somewhat very illogical, yet extremely logical kid might have is exhausting at times. How’s this one for you? All you seasoned and experienced moms, try answering this: Continue reading ““But Mom”….The Excuses Kids Make”