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Put a White Smile on Your Teens Faces in Sugar Land, TX

  It is always the joy of every parent to make their kids as happy as possible. Providing the needs and wants of their young ones give them satisfaction, however, caring for a teenager could be challenging. As children grow old, life for them sometimes becomes more complicated. In fact, according to some, adolescence is […]

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What and Not to Do with Your Mouthguards in Sugar Land, TX

Kid wearing a mouthguard

Giving extra protection for your children’s teeth means getting them a protective mouthguard. Whether for sports or night time used, mouthguards are helpful in keeping the teeth free from possible damages caused by the injuries or impact of the upper and lower teeth. Mouthguards are also used to combat bruxism or the grinding and clenching […]

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Dental Sealants in Sugar Land, TX: Application and Benefits for Children

Children’s teeth are essential for their overall growth and development. Baby teeth may eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth, but it does not mean that they should be disregarded. The baby teeth serve as the guide for the proper eruption of the permanent teeth. Once damaged it can jeopardize the proper growth […]

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Fluoride Applications for Children – Sugar Land, TX


Children’s teeth are vital for their growth, not only does it help them in eating properly it can also assist them in gaining confidence when engaging with others. Milk teeth may be temporary, but it does not mean that it should be disregarded. Their milk teeth will be the guide and basis for the growth […]

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Dental Diet Instructions For Good Dental Health in Sugar Land


With proper diet, a child’s body can get the nutrients it needs for growth, good health, and wellness. The same way goes for dental health; if your child’s diet is low on nutrition, it may be difficult for them to resist infections. Oral infections can jeopardize their dental health if left untreated, that is why […]

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Reasons Why Dental Restoration is Good For Your Child – Sugar Land, TX

Dental restoration

Pediatric dental restoration is a type of procedure that restores the function and appearance of your child’s teeth. It involves diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of different dental diseases. Sweetpea Smiles Pediatric Dentistry specializes in dental restorations for children in Sugar Land. Preserving your child’s teeth is an effective way to ensure that their healthy teeth […]

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Your Baby’s Baby Teeth

Sugar Land TX Children's Dentist near me

Your baby’s baby teeth are important. The idea that they are temporary and therefore not as important is simply not true. Value those little baby teeth. Care for them and get your sweetpea set for a positive and healthy dental future. Your baby’s baby teeth serve many purposes. They assist your child in chewing healthy […]

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Your Sweetpea’s Smile-A Gift For Years To Come!

Sugar Land TX Pediatric Dentist

December is a month of gift giving and gift receiving. As parents, it’s sometimes hard to think of the perfect gift to give each child. So often, gifts go out of style or become obsolete within months of receiving them. However, there is one gift you can give you child that will last a lifetime! […]

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Does Your Sweetpea Practice Daily Dental Gratitude?


Happy Thanksgiving from our entire staff at Sweetpea Smiles. We are grateful for all of our little patients and their families. Did you know that practicing gratefulness could produce positive effects on people? There is a significant link between thankful people and happy and healthy people. Could this link between gratefulness and happiness and health […]

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