7 Ways to Make Your Trip to a Sugar Land Pediatric Dentist Amazing

sugar land dentist for kids

Some children are afraid of going to the dentist. The good news is our Sugar Land pediatric dentist has compiled a list of seven ways to help your child’s visit to the dentist be amazing. Try following these tips:

Choose a Sugar Land Dentist for Kids

Even though you may love the dentist you currently go to, a Sugar Land pediatric dentist will take a special approach to making your child less afraid of his or her time in the dental chair. Pediatric dentists complete an extra three years of training beyond dental school to become experts in dental problems that are specific to younger patients.

Establish a Dental Routine at a Young Age

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child begin seeing the dentist by his or her first birthday, and twice per year after that. Following this recommended schedule keeps your child from becoming afraid of the dentist and gives a proactive approach to finding cavities and other dental problems that may arise.

Have a ‘Happy Visit’

If your child is nervous about his or her trip to the dentist, we are happy to have a ‘happy visit’ with the child. During this visit, we will give your child a tour of our office; they can meet our staff, and take a ‘ride’ in the dental chair. Our friendly pediatric dentist will introduce your child to the tools used during a regular cleaning and talk about the importance of brushing teeth. This helps your child know what to expect when it is time to have an actual cleaning.

Remain in Eyesight of the Child

Having a familiar face nearby or a hand to hold while sitting in the dental chair helps the child not be as nervous. As a parent, you should never have to wait outside during your child’s dental exam.

Let the Dentist do the Talking

While you may be tempted to distract your child by carrying on a conversation, let the dentist do the talking and explain what he is doing in terms your child will understand. This also helps build the doctor-patient relationship.

Make it Fun with Distractions

Our Sugar Land pediatric dentist office has TV’s above the exam chairs so that our patients can choose their favorite shows to watch while having their teeth worked on. If you choose a Sugar Land dentist for kids that doesn’t have this option, allow your child to dress up in their favorite costume to help them be brave.

No Sharing Horror Stories

Whether you or your other children have had bad experiences at the dentist, now is not the time to be sharing those stories with a new patient. Allow your child to develop his or her opinions about the dentist.