5 Things Your Pediatric Dentist Would Like For You To Know

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Hunter

Did you know that last month was the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsored month for Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health? Your pediatric dentist is passionate about your children. They are trained, equipped, and passionate about your child’s dental health. Here are five things your pediatric dentist wants you to know for raising awareness about the importance of oral health.

1. You should not allow your child to drink sugary liquids on a regular basis. Think about using sugary drinks for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or other momentous occasions for your kids. Avoid making it a normal daily option for your child.
2. Have your child brush not less than twice daily. Preferably, they should usually brush after they eat. In addition to brushing twice a day, they should be flossing one time per day. While they are younger, they will need assistance in this task, making sure they are executing their flossing correctly.
3. Have your little ones eat more vegetable and fruits. Your child’s diet and dental health have a tight relationship. Healthy eating is an important part of their dental health.
4. Do not allow your little one to go to bed with any drink other than water. Unless you plan on brushing their teeth again before they fall asleep, your child should not fall asleep after drinking milk or juice.
5. Be sure to visit a pediatric dentist by the time your child turns one.

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