sugar land dental practice for children

When it comes to your child’s oral health, don’t settle for anything but the best pediatric dentist Sugar land has to offer! Whether this is your first child or your third, you may have many questions you want answered, and Sugar Land pediatric dentists are there to help. Here are the top five questions you should ask your pediatric dentist.

When should my child receive their first dental exam?

Parents often wait until their child is about 3 before they bring them to the dentist for a cleaning, but Sugar Land pediatric dentists recommend bringing baby in for a check when his first tooth appears. This gives us the chance to review proper oral hygiene for babies, and answer any questions you may have.

How do I best clean baby’s teeth?

When it comes to properly cleaning baby’s teeth, you have a few options which include:

  • Wet washcloth
  • Dental wipes
  • Child’s toothbrush with soft bristles

If brushing, once a day is okay, and preferably before the child goes to bed to remove any plaque that has built up throughout the day.

How old should baby be before I introduce her to toothpaste?

Non-fluoride toothpaste can be introduced in small amounts when baby’s first tooth appears. When the child is old enough to spit the remaining toothpaste into the sink, then you may switch to a fluoridated paste. If you live in an areas where the water is fluoridated, your child may already be receiving proper fluoride levels from their drinking water. Fluoride is important as it helps to prevent tooth decay.

What should I expect on our first visit?

At Sweetpea Smiles, we want all of our patients to feel comfortable, no matter how old-or young-they may be. Our office features a child’s play area with video games, toys, books and even free wi-fi for parents. During the visit, we will take your child’s picture for our records, and take x-rays to help us understand any special treatment plan that may be needed. For being brave, your child will get to pick a treasure from our treasure tower at the end of each visit.

How frequently should baby see the dentist?

We recommend all patients see the dentist every six months for cleanings and routine checkup. During these appointments we will discuss your child’s diet, oral health routine at home, and milestones to watch out for.

When you are looking for the best pediatric dentist in Sugar Land, trust your child’s smile to Sweetpea Smiles!