June 15 Is “Smile Power Day” – Let’s Celebrate!

Sugar Land TX Pediatric DentistAs dental professionals, we love any day that celebrates smiles. At Sweetpea Smiles, smiling is even in our name! Did you know that smiling could add years to your life? It can make you and those around you a happier person. Smiles enhance friendships. In business relationships, smiling is a great customer service tool. Smiles are powerful. A healthy smile is a gift you can give to your baby.

Here are some tips for giving your baby the gift of a powerful smile. Continue reading “June 15 Is “Smile Power Day” – Let’s Celebrate!”

Your Anxious Child And Their Dental Health

Sugar Land TX Dental Care for ChildrenEvery child is different. Even children in the same family with the same parents can be vastly different. One child may have no inhibitions, live with no fear, and they may embrace every piece of life as an adventure. On the other hand, you may also have another child who fears almost every moment they are about to encounter. Each child is a gift and treasure to you. While you embrace each of their unique qualities, it can be challenging to watch your anxious child struggle. Continue reading “Your Anxious Child And Their Dental Health”