Your Baby’s Baby Teeth

Sugar Land TX Children's Dentist near meYour baby’s baby teeth are important. The idea that they are temporary and therefore not as important is simply not true. Value those little baby teeth. Care for them and get your sweetpea set for a positive and healthy dental future.

Your baby’s baby teeth serve many purposes. They assist your child in chewing healthy foods to help him grow healthy and strong. Teeth help her speak so she can share what’s on her mind and how she’s feeling. They form the facial features that make your sweetpea squishy cute and kissable. Continue reading “Your Baby’s Baby Teeth”

Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

Children's Dentist Sugar Land TXMany of your child’s firsts come about at unexpected and unplanned times. The first time they said “mama” or “dada” made you do a double take and jump for joy! Their first steps were highly anticipated and your finger was ready in an instant for the moment they decided to stand up and take a few steps. These momentous events surprised you, but there is one first that you can plan for. You can plan for their first dental visit. This is a fun memory and one you want to make as positive as possible. Here are some tips for preparing you and your little sweetpea for their first dental visit.
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