Your Baby’s Baby Teeth

Sugar Land TX Children's Dentist near meYour baby’s baby teeth are important. The idea that they are temporary and therefore not as important is simply not true. Value those little baby teeth. Care for them and get your sweetpea set for a positive and healthy dental future.

Your baby’s baby teeth serve many purposes. They assist your child in chewing healthy foods to help him grow healthy and strong. Teeth help her speak so she can share what’s on her mind and how she’s feeling. They form the facial features that make your sweetpea squishy cute and kissable. Continue reading “Your Baby’s Baby Teeth”

Does Your Sweetpea Practice Daily Dental Gratitude?

Happy Thanksgiving from our entire staff at Sweetpea Smiles. We are grateful for all of our little patients and their families. Did you know that practicing gratefulness could produce positive effects on people? There is a significant link between thankful people and happy and healthy people. Could this link between gratefulness and happiness and health apply to our kids as well? We think it can. Kids can benefit from practicing gratefulness as well.

Ways to incorporate dental gratefulness into your kiddos life. Continue reading “Does Your Sweetpea Practice Daily Dental Gratitude?”

The Scary Parts Of Halloween

Sugar Land TX Dentist for ChildrenIs it too soon to be discussing Halloween around here? It might be, but we’ve been spotting signs of Halloween since before Labor Day, first day of school, and the famous eclipse! What’s up with Halloween making its debut so early every year? And then there’s all that scariness that surrounds it! What scares you about Halloween?

At Sweetpea Smiles, we’re super excited about the health of your sweetpeas’s smiles! Therefore, Halloween does frighten us a bit when we think about some of the harmful dental habits that could be associated with Halloween. Continue reading “The Scary Parts Of Halloween”

Your Teen Wants White Teeth Too!

Children's Dentist Sugar Land TXIf you’re reading this blog and you have a teen, congratulations! You’ve made it this far, and you’re now entering the phase of parenting that is a like a fun, windy roller coaster. Teens are a blast! The things they say are amusing, and sometimes the bits of you come out in their personalities, can be a bit scary and rewarding all at the same time.

When your children are younger they are usually oblivious to what they’re wearing or how they look. Do you remember dropping your little princess off at preschool explaining, “She dresses herself and does her own hair.”? Their concept of style usually relates to comfort, ease of robing and disrobing, and the favorite super hero or princess adorned by it. Continue reading “Your Teen Wants White Teeth Too!”

Five Reasons for Your Child to Have Dental X-rays

Sugar Land TX Digital X-Rays for ChildrenAt Sweetpea Smiles, we know that you want the best for your family. From choosing healthy snacks to limiting screen time, it’s no wonder why you put just as much energy into finding the best pediatric dentist in Sugar Land. If you’ve decided to see us for your child’s next visit, you may be curious as to why we use x-rays as part of your child’s comprehensive care. Continue reading “Five Reasons for Your Child to Have Dental X-rays”